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        Oddle Eats presents


        Northern Exposure - Selections from Yishun, Bishan and Novena

        Today is Polling Day. As Singaporeans head out to vote at staggered times because of Covid-19-related safety measures, take the hassle out of cooking lunch or dinner at home by ordering in. In this sixth instalment of our weekly dining series, we check out what’s good to eat in the Northern district of Singapore, which offers a wide range of cuisines to suit every craving. Whether you’re looking for some really good fried chicken, comforting pastas or home-style Chinese food, Oddle Eats’ food hunters have sussed out the tastiest options which you can enjoy any time of the day, thanks to its island-wide delivery service.

        阿甲积分榜Jiak By Jinfeng阿甲积分榜


        Jinfeng was started in Taipei in the 1980s by three brothers who shared the same vision of  making the best braised pork rice or Lu Rou Fan, in the city. They were so successful that they went on to open at least two restaurants in Taipei and now, Jiak by Jinfeng offers the same traditional recipes in its first outpost in Singapore. Besides the Taiwanese favourite family dish, Jiak offers variations such as braised pork belly and a choice of pearl rice and rice vermicelli. The popular Rou Geng or lean meat mixed with fish paste is another bestseller, along with its golden chicken chop.

        阿甲积分榜Min. order: S$10. Delivery fee varies with distance. Free delivery for orders over S$65. Use the promo code WELCOME10 for 10 per cent off your first minimum order of S$80. To order, go to jiakbyjinfeng.oddle.me阿甲积分榜

        阿甲积分榜Your feedback is important to us阿甲积分榜

        Tell us what you think. Email us at btuserfeedback@sph.com.sg

        阿甲积分榜Orchid Live阿甲积分榜



        It got its name from the Orchid Country Club where it started out, but now it’s located at Jalan Kelulut where seafood lovers in Sengkang and beyond make the trip to feast on its signature  lobster porridge, using live lobsters cooked in a broth made from a secret recipe dating back to 1999. Teochew cold crab is another of its signature dishes featuring plump crabs rich with roe and cooked in a special broth before being chilled. Don’t miss the all-time favourite chilli crabs, using meaty live mud crabs cooked in a sweet-spicy sauce and mopped up with lots of deep-fried buns.

        阿甲积分榜Min. order: S$88. Island-wide delivery: S$5. Free delivery for orders above S$88. To order, go to orchidliveseafood.oddle.me阿甲积分榜

        阿甲积分榜Arnold’s Fried Chicken阿甲积分榜


        Many say this Singapore halal-certified brand tastes even better than a certain popular American import. Arnold’s started out 30 years ago as a tiny eatery in City Plaza and now it has five outlets serving its signature crispy fried chicken. It’s also one of the rare eateries to offer whole spring chicken deep fried to perfection. For a small party, get the Variety Feast pack which feeds five people and comprises eight pieces of fried chicken, popcorn chicken and tenders, with coleslaw and buns on the side. For variety, order Fish & Chicks, which combines chicken with deep-fried fillets of fish.

        阿甲积分榜Min. order: S$50. Delivery fee varies with distance. To order, go to arnoldsfriedchicken.oddle.me阿甲积分榜

        阿甲积分榜So Pho阿甲积分榜


        Experience authentic and traditional Vietnamese food in Singapore with So Pho’s fresh and lively flavours that will transport you to the heady streets of Ho Chi Minh city. Much thought and detail go into bringing you a lineup of favourite dishes from its famous beef noodle soup Pho, to the popular minced prawns on sugarcane spears, fresh rice rolls, deep fried spring rolls and more. Try some of its specials including So Pho Special Flame Seared Marbled Sirloin Beef with Beef Balls Noodle Soup, Grilled Lemongrass Beef with Rice, or Chicken Banh Mi - a Vietnamese-style baguette stuffed with chicken and vegetables.

        阿甲积分榜Min. order: S$35. Island-wide delivery: S$5. Use promo code WELCOMEFEAST for 10 per cent off your first order. To order, go to order.sopho.com.sg阿甲积分榜

        阿甲积分榜Ichiban Sushi阿甲积分榜


        When you’re in the mood for Japanese food, look no further than this family-friendly, affordable eatery which made its name with its conveyor belts bearing everything from sushi and sashimi to donburi and desserts. Its delivery menu is equally comprehensive, allowing you to pick and choose from a range or regular and gunkan sushi in unique combinations including unagi sandwich and the quirkily-named mermaid’s tail, or toppings such as tuna mayo and salmon avocado mayo. There’s also a host of hot and cold udon and soba dishes, as well as donburi in every permutation from chicken teriyaki to unagi tamago.

        阿甲积分榜Min. order: S$39. Delivery fee varies with distance. Free delivery for orders over S$120. To order, go to order.ichibansushi.com.sg阿甲积分榜



        Wholesome Italian fare is the cornerstone of Pastamania, which offers affordable and well-executed pastas and pizzas which are cooked to order. Its preservative-free pasta and pizza sauces are imported directly from Italy, made from tomatoes grown in their own farms. Check out some of its most popular choices including Turkey Bacon Aglio, hearty Seafood Zuppa and the ingredients-packed Chicken Cheese Salsiccia. The array of pasta choices is mind boggling - there’s even a laksa seafood pasta - but there are other options including an equally wide range of pizzas (Hawaiian and Margherita), appetizers and of course, desserts like apple pie and brownies.

        阿甲积分榜Min. order: S$35. Island-wide delivery: S$3.50. To order, go to pastamania.oddle.me阿甲积分榜

        阿甲积分榜Boon Tong Kee阿甲积分榜


        This evergreen Singapore favourite got its start in 1979, when founder Thian Boon Hua opened a small stall in Chinatown to serve his silky smooth, plump Cantonese-style chicken rice. It became so popular that he and his family started flagship Boon Tong Kee restaurant in Balestier, and the rest is culinary history. Its string of outlets also started to diversify in 1999 to include a wider range of zi char dishes in the menu. Besides the Signature Boiled Chicken, fans can also tuck into the Hakka specialty Stewed Pork Belly with Mui Choy, Crispy Cereal Prawns and Claypot Rice with Chicken, Salted Fish and Chinese Sausages.

        阿甲积分榜Min. order: S$35. Delivery fee varies with distance. To order, go to 阿甲积分榜boontongkeedelivery.oddle.me阿甲积分榜

        阿甲积分榜White Restaurant阿甲积分榜


        When you talk about Singapore heritage food, the original Sembawang White Beehoon ranks up there with the likes of Hainanese chicken rice and chilli crab.Unlike the other two dishes, white beehoon is an original dish created by White Restaurant’s founder Tay King Huak. From its humble beginnings, White Restaurant is now a brand name with six outlets run by his son, all of which specialise in the original white beehoon cooked in its signature broth topped with plentiful prawns and squid. But that’s not all. Check out its other signature dishes including the meat and seafood roll, as well as fried chicken wings. 

        阿甲积分榜Min. order: S$50. Island-wide delivery: S$4.90. To order, go to order.whiterestaurant.com.sg阿甲积分榜