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        The Business Times (BT), a member of the Singapore Press Holdings group, is South-east Asia's leading financial daily. BT brings its readers daily corporate, financial, economic and political news, analysis and commentary on print and digital platforms. It provides readers with in-depth coverage of Singapore and Asian business and economic developments, as well as global trends that impact Singapore business. BT's lifestyle journalists bring busy executives the latest in recreation, entertainment, the arts, design, food and shopping.




        BT organises the following annual business awards events in conjunction with its partners.

        福建男篮The Singapore Business Awards福建男篮 was launched in 1985, with the Businessman of the Year Award. In 1986, the Enterprise Award was introduced to recognise small and medium-sized enterprises. In 1990, the Outstanding Manager Award was introduced to recognise professional managers. This was renamed the Oustanding Chief Executive of the Year Award in 1995.? In 2005, the Oustanding Chief/Senior Executive (Overseas) Award was introduced, to recognise Singaporean CEOs working abroad. Winners of the four awards, known collectively as the Singapore Business Awards, are decided by a panel of judges drawn from the business sector, official agencies and academia.

        福建男篮The Singapore Corporate Awards福建男篮 recognises excellence in corporate governance, with five awards: Best Managed Board, Best Chief Executive Officer, Best Chief Financial Officer Award, Best Investor Relations Award and Best Annual Report Award.

        福建男篮福建男篮The Enterprise 50 (E50) Awards福建男篮 was launched in 1995 to recognise local, privately-held companies who have contributed to economic development in Singapore and abroad.

        福建男篮The Emerging Enterprise Award 福建男篮was first launched in 2008 to recognise outstanding small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore. Winners receives prizes to support their growth and development, such as interest-free loans and professional services and training programmes.


        福建男篮The Business Times Budding Artists' Fund福建男篮

        In 2005, BT adopted the Budding Artists' Fund, an initiative of The Old Parliament House (2002-2014). The fund was started with a conviction that no child should be denied the opportunity to pursue a training in the arts due to a lack of financial resources. Since 2005, BT BAF has reached out to more than 9,000 beneficiaries through a variety of programmes comprising of art camps, workshops, signature events and fundraising initiatives. Beneficiaries of BT BAF receive a structured arts training at The Little Arts Academy.